Travel Consulting

I am passionate about travel and the travel business.I began my travel career twenty years ago in London. While there I  discovered my passion for revealing Paris to others as a travel consultant. I then continued my career within the travel industry upon my return to Paris.
​Throughout my travels, interacting with people, learning about new cultures, and developing new friendships, I realized that most people's perception of Paris and Parisians was vastly different from the reality.​

I want to show you an authentic vision of  Paris today and promote its rich Afro-Caribbean culture,  exciting places and inspiring scenes.

I would love to be your personal travel consultant!


I represent the face of Paris today. A city rich in culture diversity. I was born and raised in Paris to a Parisian mother and a French West-Indian father. This allowed me to experience two cultures. The Parisian culture : open markets,  visits to historical sites,  traditional art,  museums and exhibitions, strolls in the parks and beautiful gardens. The West Indian culture : Sunday lunches with extended family, outings to special family events and social clubs, soulfully spiritual church services.

Meet Sylvie .......